Category : Natural Fertilizer

Glorious green is making 100% organic fertilizer with the help of all organic thing and this is India’s first fertilizer making who make seasonal fertilizer for plants and the company want make every one health good and strong by eating organic fruits and vegetables because of using organic fertilizer.
In one line glorious green is one initiative to make everyone healthy and strong because of using organic fertilizer in reasonable price and want to coonnect this world with beautiful mother like nature.
Currently 85% percent of fertilizers in market are made up of chemical and we have a goal to replace that chemical fertilizers with our organic fertilizers in India because Chemical fertilisers are genuinely very harmful for soil but the organic fertiliser of glorious green is best replacement of that. As Sadhguru already said now the time is come to SAVE OUR SOIL and make our enviroment green organic and healthy.and the other 14% of organic fertilizer making company are only giving cow dunk or leaf waste but they don’t giving exact product which the customer want to grow their plant so , the customer also want that of fertilizer which can fulfill their plant nutrients then the glorious green fertilizer comes this is the only one who can give all nutrients to the plant and they make plant more strong and glorious green is the only who is giving this product in market .