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Featurette Ad Shoot + Video Editing with Animations- Padhai Vadhai Initiative

Currently for this we are looking for

A Photographer + Video Grapher (Vacancy Closed)
A Video Editor – Adobe Premierre (Vacancy Open)
A Music Composer + Editor (Vacancy Open)
An Social Media Marketer (Vacancy Open)

Description : Project Title: Padhai Vadhai – Featurette Ad Shoot + Video Editing with Animations

The “Padhai Vadhai” project encompasses a dynamic and creative endeavor that combines the art of filmmaking, video editing, and animation to produce an engaging and informative featurette advertisement. This project aims to promote and celebrate the journey of learning, encapsulating the essence of education in an innovative and captivating way.

Project Overview:
The “Padhai Vadhai” project centers on creating a featurette advertisement that highlights the joys and challenges of the learning experience. It intends to resonate with a diverse audience, emphasizing the importance of education, whether it’s traditional schooling, vocational training, or self-driven learning.

Current Project Activities:

  1. Concept Development: The project team is currently engaged in brainstorming and developing a compelling concept that effectively communicates the message of “Padhai Vadhai” – which translates to “Learning and Celebrations”
  1. Scriptwriting: A talented scriptwriting team is crafting a narrative that weaves together storytelling elements, educational insights, and motivational messages to engage and inspire viewers.
  2. Pre-production: This phase involves location scouting, casting, and gathering the necessary equipment and resources to ensure a smooth ad shoot.
  3. Ad Shoot: The highlight of the project, the ad shoot, will capture real-life learning moments, portraying the excitement and challenges faced during the learning journey. The team will work closely with actors, crew, and educators to bring the script to life.
  1. Video Editing: After the ad shoot, the project will transition into the video editing phase. Skilled editors will piece together the footage, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing final product.
  2. Animations: To enhance the storytelling and educational elements, the project will incorporate animations and graphics that complement the narrative and engage the audience on a deeper level.

  1. Post-production: The final stages of post-production will involve color grading, sound design, and fine-tuning to create a polished and professional featurette advertisement.
  2. Distribution and Promotion: Once the video is complete, the project team will focus on distributing and promoting it across various platforms to reach a wide and diverse audience.

The “Padhai Vadhai” project represents an exciting fusion of creativity and education, using the power of visual storytelling to celebrate the journey of learning. It aims to inspire, educate, and entertain, ultimately encouraging viewers to embrace the joys of education and self-improvement.

Sample Project PPT Link –

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