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Juliet Brown Multi Shelf Planter Stand with Plants


Stand with plants like shown free service for maintenance.

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This multi-shelf planter stand is made from Shorea which is a hardwood with strong nailing and screw holding property. Shorea is resistant to damage from insects, fungus and moisture decay. Gives a matt single tone premium look to the wooden furniture. An additional layer of protective coating is applied to make the furniture heat resistant. This helps to enhance looks & helping to increase durability. Solid wood is stained & covered with a protective layer for making the furniture scratch, heat and stain-resistant helping to increase durability. All panels are pretreated with industry-standard chemical composition thereby making the core resistant to termite, borer and other mites. Furniture plinths/panels/legs are enabled with built-in PVC spacers to avoid direct contact with the floor, thereby ensuring no direct contact with water, dust etc., also levelers, 6 storage shelves. We will also provide you plant with this to you.


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