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March 21, 2023
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Padhai Vadhai : The Most Affordable, Convenient & Open-Minded way of Learning!

What is Padhai Vadhai?

A Start Up? Another Business Idea?

No! Padhai Vadhai is neither a start up nor a business idea, it is a simple dream of providing help to all sections of society.

We help people find out who they are and most importantly what they want and means to Achieve it

Hence, we call it an initiative, a basic idea, to help any one or everyone, simply because there are people who need help and others who can provide it.

We initially focused on Education, but with time we have realized, there are many who need help in other aspects of life too. So, to all those who are reaching out for help, this is an attempt to show them that we can hear them, and also to say that

It does not matter who you are or what you want,if you are seeking for something, then we can assist or be a medium to it.

For our Classes, We have the Perfect Education System,wherein we ask us students’ the following questions –

  • Worried about not being able to achieve all your dreams?
  • Not getting enough time or direction to pursue your passion?
  • Lagging behind with a particular subject or Skill?

If your answer to one or more of the questions is a YES, Then How About a Place, where you can learn, and explore yourself at the same time.


An Initiative that not only helps you with Education, Padhai. But also, some more skills that you will need in life, That We term as “Vadhai.

While Padhai is the Primary Support for your current Educational affiliation,
Vadhai is A combination of Personality, Technical and Social Skills that make you
better as a person!

What we Offer in a Padhai?

  1. Educational Sessions, That are Offline along with Online.
  2. Free App Support for Queries – Where you can ask us literally anything for free!
  3. Free Quick Tips & tricks via Social Media –
  4. Free Lesson Plans and Notes, for last minute studies.
  5. Free Doubt Sessions, every weekend.

What we offer in Vadhai? – These are the Skills that you need to learn with Education to lead a better career!

Part 1, Personality Development

a. Grooming, Body Language & Dressing Style.
b. Communication, Verbal & Written.
c. Public Speaking.
d. Resume Building.

Part 2, Technical Skills.

a. Teaching.
b. Start Up Management.
c. E- Commerce Management.
d. Financial Markets.

  • Market Trading
  • Loan Affiliation
  • Financial Assistance
  • Corporate Banking
  • Start Up Funding Basics.

e. Blog & Vlog Management.
f. Digital Art Sessions.
g. Make Up Education.

Part 3, Social Skills.

a. Spiritual Common Sense.
b. Companionship and Relations.
c. Anxiety & Depression.

Each session of Vadhai will be integral to each regular study session.

Wherein if you wish to explore or enroll, you just need to contact your teacher / Co-Ordinator.

The Idea & Execution is brought to you by the Padhai Vadhai Initiative with its sub brand book birds view.

While Padhai Vadhai Exists for learning,
Book Birds View is the execution of those learning.
We live and breathe for Education & Start ups.

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