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Oxygen Ladders: Planting happiness in lives!!

About US

  • O2 LADDERS is a blend of live habitat based home decorations start up which deals with high end technical products such as hydroponics, live aquatic planted aquariums and other high techno based plantations which not only are automated and easier to maintain but also contribute in reducing the pollution.
  • In one line O2 ladders is one initiative which deals in technofied plantation systems at most reasonable costs compared to the existing market.
  • O2 Ladders is an initiative that focuses on technologically advanced plantation systems at reasonable prices compared to the existing market and is in line with environmental preservation. They offer high end technical products and services such as green corridors under landscaping services, green aquariums under aquascaping and other plantation based products that contribute to reducing pollution.


On 3rd October 2021 some students from government school formed a startup as Oxygen Ladders under Delhi government business blasters program. Oxygen Ladders team taught to work on a noble problem and create a business idea from there and start to work against pollution because During October and November the pollution is a very big problem in cities like Delhi and other metro cities as we can’t control external pollution much more but We feel we can control internal pollution within rooms and home where we all live maximum time from there we provided our first product cum service to our customer as Green corridor, where we provide them green zone inside Rooms, balcony, kitchen, schools and working place.


We setup our first Green corridor in school and our research speaks it reduces more than 40 percent pollution within area because green corridor consists full of Oxygen plants till now we have been created many green corridor across Delhi to create an impact on this society. As working on these idea we found the population is increasing continuously but the land area for farming is decreasing continuously therefore we started research on efficient hydroponics setup to do in metro cities to make people capable to grow some of their own green food of their lives. Our research in field of hydroponics will be successful soon. One more idea on which we had been worked on is Green corridor as we seen aquascaping is very rare in India we taught we should emphasize aquascaping market in India currently we have best green planted aquarium across India and we are also first online seller of green aquarium across India. Working on noble cause we are currently connected with 20 gardeners who are working with us we have 4 aquascaper and a team of 15 interns students across Delhi. We have till now served more than 50 happy customers and we are aiming to increase these number continuously.

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