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Diva MIQ


Diva MIQ-  This Startup is an example of the power-packed duo of two talented girls rocking in the Painting Business funded by Urban Company. This startup is powered by Delhi Government and got initially seed funding from Manish Sisodia’s initiative of “Business Blasters”. Diva MIQ is being run by two powerful girls ” Divyanshi and Minnie.

They got initial seed funding of 2000INR through which they managed to do a business. The results and revenue they have made from this seed funding will make you shocked! (You can see the revenue and profits made from 2000INR in the Seed Funding Section of this blog). To get a better understanding of this Startup story then you can have a glimpse towards Table Of Contents.


What do Diva MIQ do and what is the aim of Diva MIQ?

The slogan of Diva MIQ is “We are in it to win it or we can say we are in it to kill it”, You might be feeling what a bookish language I am writing in this blog but believe me these girls are killing the scene of business in a great way. The duo of these two young girls is no way less than the Jodi of Jay and Veeru. Their slogan clearly defines their aim of winning in the scene of Indian Traditional Bussiness. 

Diva MIQ is a startup which is launched by two girls – Divyanshi and Minnie.  Divine creations started their business journey with small Indian Traditional Paintings. Their main startup model revolves around Painting. Minnie uses her hands to paint the beautiful art of Madhubani whereas Divyanshi uses her brushes to do Kalamkari Art. To reduce their initial investment they started with selling small paintings. When they received a positive response from the Customer end then they started painting big traditional Indian Arts. Earlier they used to sell their designs but now they paint on how order demands.

For Painting this beautiful piece of art which is known as Madhubani Diva MIQ have spent nearly 5 hours and the cost of raw material and other stuff which completes painting is 350INR. Divine Creations sell this Madhubani at 1500INR.

For painting this single piece the cost of raw materials and other stuff clocks at 130INR. Diva MIQ sell this piece for 700INR which justifies their time and hard work involved in making this wonderful piece of art.

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