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Routoax : : Your virtual guard

Theft is very common and serious problem in today’s time. RoautoX which is a robotics and automation company, brings a device that can actually stop the theft. On the name of security we have only CCTV Cameras which can provide footage of theft but can’t stops it at that moment. Now a days thief also stealing DVR with them so, you don’t have footage also.

SecureX is a advance security system which is made by RoautoX. When a thief try to enter in your home/warehouse/shop & shutter then SecureX automatically instantly ON the existing Lights , ON the Alarm & gives alerts on 5 registered phone number by SMS & Calls. User can register their number by their own using their password. User can also attach a High fVoltage AC 220V Siren/Hooter.

Working & Features:

whenever thief come SecureX gives a loud siren sound , All the lights of your home or shop will automatically ON and Send alerts on 5 registered Phone numbers via SMS & Calls.

You can also add external very loud sound Siren(upto 220V AC/DC Loud siren). But by default it comes with inbuilt siren of 120dB sound which is very loud. but We give ports to connect external alarm & your home & shop lights. A user can register Phone numbers by just Sending SMS and password in proper format. for ex ( REG1,PASSWORD,PHONE NUMBER) When SecureX Activated, it gives a activation confirmation SMS and also give all registered phone numbers list (On all registered phone numbers). We programmed SecureX in that manner, so that it give all the updates automatically to the users. To deactivate the SecureX, to enter in your home or shop, you have to make a phone call on this system by registered phone number. But to make your home or shop more secure, we programmed that if the call done by 1st or 2nd registered number, then only SecureX will deactivated. It also gives deactivated confirmation SMS(SecureX deactivated by +9192*****10) on 1st user(honor). If call done by 3rd, 4rth, 5th registered number or another number which is not registered So, SecureX will not respond and it remain activated. SecureX also having a command to check all registered numbers again. When “All” Command sent by registered phone number then it give back all registered phone number in reply. Now consider your password and the number and format of the SIM is known to the thief, even then he cannot deactivate the system by registering the number inside the system because the number will not come in processing, if the number is to be processed inside the system, then you have to restart the SecureX. But to restart the system, you have to open the Shutter or door but if you open shutter or door then the SecureX will alert. all the Hardware & Software part made in India by RoautoX.

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